Secularism is Incompatible with Equality and Individual Rights

Jordan Rickards:              00:01 All right. Welcome to the video podcast question and answer session. Today’s question is “wouldn’t it be better to have a secular society that is governed by reason, in place of a society where religion continues to have such a strong influence?” Now this question actually does not come from a […]

Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter, Discusses the Second Amendment

Jordan Rickards:              00:00 Welcome to the video podcast. Our guest today is Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter. Maj is from inner-city Philadelphia where he teaches young men about their Second Amendment rights. He’s been featured on Fox News and The Daily Signal, Ammoland, Vice, and he’s now joining us today on Mr. […]

The Recall Effort Against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

Jordan Rickards:              00:00 All right. Welcome to another edition of the conservative video podcast. I’m sorry that we’re so late. We had 35 minutes worth of technical difficulties that were not any of our fault, but in any event, today’s topic and I’m really excited about this is the recall effort against New Jersey […]

Free Speech on College Campuses, and Jexodus

Jordan Rickards:              00:03                   Okay. Welcome to the conservative video podcast. Our guest today is the lovely Justine Murray and her resume is a little bit longer than most, so indulge me here for a moment while I read through this whole thing. Uh, Justine was the director of communications and was recently promoted […]

Being a black conservative, and 16-year-olds voting.

Jordan Rickards:              00:01                   All right. Welcome to conservative This is a video podcast our guest today is uh, it says Melanie Teresa. I know her more has a Melanie Colette who is a, what are, you now, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Federation of Republican women. Is that right Melanie? Melanie Teresa:               […]