It’s Not 1984 in America. It’s Fahrenheit 451.

What we’re seeing in today’s culture war is not government oppressing us and attacking free speech.  We’re doing it to ourselves.  That’s arguably much worse. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book re-written, every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. Every date has been altered and the […]

Who Should Biden Pick as His Vice President?

Biden’s basically committed to picking a woman of color, and that leaves three primary choices: Susan Rice — who’s basically the Left’s version of Condolezza Rice: too wonky, uninspiring, and policy-oriented instead of people-oriented, and has no political base; Stacy Abrams, who’s totally unqualified and will turn off far more voters than she brings in; and Kamala Harris, who has a solid background, a life story that is culturally consonant with African-Americans, and has experience on the biggest stage.

The Supreme Court’s DACA Decision Explained

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the Supreme Court’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) decision. This brief video explains it in simple terms: Basically, the Supreme Court said both that the Trump Administration needed to explain its decision to revoke, and that it did not want to hear the Trump Administration’s explanation because it came after the original decision to revoke DACA was reached.

Regarding Colin Kaepernick

There’s a lot about Kaepernick to admire, and even emulate: he has the courage of his convictions, he’s not afraid to stick his neck out, and he’s a leader. And he’s led the fight against police brutality. But he loses a lot of people, as well as credibility, with his admiration of police state tyrants like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, who imprisoned, brutalized, and murdered countless people for no reason other than political opposition. How can someone who fights against police brutality also lionize the ultimate police state brutality?

Everyone Should, and Does Support Mandatory Minimum Sentences

The debate over whether there should be mandatory minimum sentences misses the point. There are obviously crimes which should require a jail sentence, and crimes that should not. The problem is that given the discretion, too many liberal judges let too many criminals get away with too much, and this leads to extremely dangerous cities, which is bad in and of itself. But it’s also a primary driver of racial inequality, as poor people are forced to live in dangerous environments, and are victimized at extremely high rates, thanks to a revolving door criminal justice system.

“Defund the Police” Really Means “Defund the Police”

It strikes me as odd that the “defund the police” movement has to explain itself to the rest of us ignoramuses as “really being about funding other initiatives.” Why not just name the movement after the initiatives you want? Since when are movements named after their source of funding? It would be like someone wanting more funding for the arts, and chanting “defund infrastructure projects!” Or more funding for schools, and chanting “defund sanitation workers!” What it really shows is that to the extremists on the radical Left, the police are seen as the enemy, and that the goal is to weaken the police. The irony is that one of the most obvious racial inequalities in this country is that African-Americans have to live in areas in which there is a lot of crime and are therefore victimized by crime more than any other group. If anything, they need more police protection.

Institutional Racism Does Exist. Blame the Left.

Instead of taking the position that institutional racism does not exist, we conservatives should agree that it does exist, and that the Democratic Party is almost exclusively to blame for all of the problematic institutions: our welfare system kicks black fathers out of the household, the public schools deny minority children an education, and our economic and foreign policy for the past several decades has been to export jobs, import the rest of the world’s poverty, and leave our borders undefended, allowing drugs to flow into our cities and destroy them. If we conservatives are serious about fighting racism and creating a fair, equal society for everyone, we must fight to promote our ideas, and explain how the Left’s ideas are causing the very problems they decry.

Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled

When the Left eats their own, punishing other liberals for the sin of exercising free speech — such as the recent forced resignations of the editor of the opinion pages of the New York Times, or the Philadelphia Inquirer — it’s hard not to experience some sort of satisfaction that the monster they created has turned on them. Resist this temptation. We conservatives must always support free speech and condemn the repression of speech wherever it is found. Our free society is predicated on the free exchange of ideas, and if it is threatened anywhere it is threatened everywhere.