Gun Review: Sig Sauer P320 XFIVE Legion

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Hi, everybody. Welcome to And I like, if you wouldn’t mind, if you would say hello to my new little friend. Well, yes, it is a SIG Sauer P320 XFIVE Legion, full-size chamber to 9mm with tungsten-infused grip, Dawson Precision adjustable fiber optic sights, and skeletonized trigger. Good guess. Very good. I’m impressed. This is my newest gun. It’s my favorite gun. It’s probably the hottest gun on the market and for good reason. We’re going to take it out to the range in just a few minutes and squeeze off a few rounds and show you how it performs. I got to tell you, it’s easily the best gun I’ve ever shot. I have, I think, seven guns. This is my favorite and for a lot of reasons.

I just want to talk about it very, very briefly. Now, the more observant of you might notice I have another P320 right behind me over here. This is actually the standard issue P320. It’s a compact, it’s not quite the full-sized. But this is the P320 when they first came out. And what I like about it is a few things. Number one, you can actually change the calibers on this. Okay? And if you’re in a restrictive state like I am and it’s difficult to get guns, I actually appreciated the flexibility that right now it’s chambered in 9mm, but you can also get chambered in .40 or .45 and I think even a .357, if you want. And so, it’s actually several guns in one. It comes apart very easily, though I’m not going to do it here.

And it’s your typical plastic fantastic gun. Okay. This is designed to compete directly with the GLOCK 19. Okay. It’s metal on top. It’s polymer on the bottom. This is just a rubberized grip I put on afterwards. Don’t mind that. And it’s very light and if you like that, then this is a great gun for you. What this gun is though, this is the P320, it’s a full-size. And you can see, it’s about, I’d say an inch longer. And if you can see the bottom too, it’s a little bit lower on the bottom, but not that much. In fact, this is just kind of a funnel to help the magazines go in easily.

But what you notice most when you hold these two guns is that this one, the XFIVE Legion, is much, much heavier. And that’s very deliberate. Unlike the regular P320 which just has the polymer bottom. This is a polymer bottom too, but with a special infusion of tungsten. I don’t know how they did it, I don’t know the science behind it, but the point is they did it on purpose to make it deliberately heavier. Okay. And the consequence of this being heavier is that the recoil is actually about 50% less, believe it or not, because you have so much more mass to this gun that’s available to absorb the energy. Okay. For me, that’s actually a big deal.

And I know that a lot of women shooters, they see something like this and it’s so big and they get intimidated by it just because of its size. But the guns I see a lot of women with like the LadySmiths, I think Walther makes a smaller version of guns for women with sort of the pink on it and stuff, they’re lighter and so maybe it feels easier to hold it up, but those lighter guns absorb a lot less recoil. This gun here, when you put this thing on target, it stays there. You’re going to see in the video, there’s almost no recoil to it. And the recoil that there is, is straight back, there’s no muzzle flip. So if you’re looking for a low recoil gun that’s just going to put your barrel on target and keep it there, that’s basically this.

This is actually designed for competition. It’s got the special skeletonized trigger and everything. You can see the skeletonization at the top. You got your rail here. If you guys are at all familiar with the SIG system, you know this has got this little take-down lever here. Now, quick word of advice on taking this thing down, by the way, before we go out and shoot it. In the regular P320, you have the same take-down lever. So, what you would normally do is you would slide this back and then you just kind of pull this thing down, which when you first get it, by the way, is very difficult. It needs a lot of breaking in. And then you just kind of… If I can even do it here real quick. Just slide it off like that and it comes right apart. And this, you’ll see, it has no way to it.

Now here’s the thing, this spring here on the regular P320 is all kind of one piece. If I were to take this out right now, would all stay together. Okay. Let me put this back real quick. So, just to put it back, you would just slide it back on, flip this thing, and you’re good to go. That spring on this… I’m not going to do this right now because it’s not all self-contained. And what happens is when you take it down and you pull that spring out, the first time I did it, that thing shot at me and slammed off my chest. And it’s very, very difficult to get back on. I really don’t know why they changed the design for this.

But other than that, I mean, it’s a beautiful gun. It fits good in your hand. I’m a very average-sized person, I’m 5’10”, I’m a 160 pounds. This thing just fits me perfectly. And you’re going to see what we can do with it out in the range. Come check this out.

All right, welcome back. So, a few things about what you just saw. Number one, you’ll notice that I was only shooting 10 rounds at a time per magazine. That’s because over here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, you can only have 10 round magazines. But I’m pretty sure that they come standard issue with 15 rounders and you can probably get longer ones than that. I think you can get them as long as 17 rounds, believe it or not.

Now, secondly, if you’ll notice I shot 30 rounds there and the first, say, 26 of them were pretty much on target with one that was a little bit low. Of my last four, you’ll notice I miss the target. I shot pretty low on three of them. You can check these out. You see these three down here, which were three of my last four shots. Okay. Everything else, you can see I was hitting the target. This one here was from earlier rounds. But everything else, I was pretty much on target. Okay. But those last three or three of the last four, I should say, where I’m hitting the guy in the upper left shoulder, that’s because the gun does get heavy. I haven’t been to the range in a while and my arms are not as built up as they should be in the first place.

But believe me, when you’re holding this, I think this is 45 ounces, when you’re holding this outright for that long, even though it’s only a few minutes, it does kind of start to wear on you a little bit. Of course, in a home defense situation, you’re not standing there with your arms out and at length the whole time. But what you can see is, yes, it is heavier and towards the end it does get a little bit tiring. But all in all, man, listen, when I put that gun there, it was staying on target. That was at about five yards, okay, which is your standard home defense range.

It was with actually WinClean ammunition, 9mm WinClean. I believe it’s 115 grain. I like the WinClean, by the way, for the indoor ranges. And not just because it has less led content and so it’s not harmful to breathe in, but also it’s just a much cleaner ammunition. There’s far less cleanup with that than the regular rounds. Little bit more expensive, but all in all, I think it’s worth it.

So, I mean, for me, look, guys, generally, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not that great of a shot. For me to put that many shots just right on the target like that it is not entirely common. And I would suggest it’s because this gun is just so easy to keep on target and so much less recoil. And so, your hand isn’t constantly jumping and you’re not anticipating the recoil. That’s the thing. I have a bad habit of anticipating recoil. And if any of you know what that’s like, it means right before you pull the trigger, you’re kind of tipping the gun down like that. Okay. Well, this gun basically solves that problem by eliminating the recoil.

I only have two other guns that are basically like this as far as recoil. One is my a Ruger GP100, which is a .357 Magnum. That thing is heavy as anything. And it’s designed… When you shoot it with just .38s, it’s designed for such hot rounds that you just don’t feel anything with it. And the other one is my Ruger Mark IV, which is just a .22 LR. Or just shoots little ticktack rounds basically. This is basically like shooting the .22 LR, basically, except you’re getting the advantage of 9mm. And in most States, that advantage includes, like I said, 15 rounds instead of 10.

All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed this. Like I said, this was the SIG Sauer P320 XFIVE Legion. I bought, I think, for a thousand bucks. It is worth every penny. People say, “Is this the just the best gun? Is that the best gun or whatever?” Everybody has their preferences. Honestly, this is the best gun for me. And if you’re looking for a 9mm gun that just shoots like a sewing machine and which has really as close to no felt recoil as you could ever imagine, then this is the gun for you. Okay, guys. Thanks for watching. Take care of yourselves.

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