Note to Republicans: Americans Like Big Government. They’d Also Like Solutions.

We’re a “right of center country.” The majority of Americans are conservatives. Americans hate big government.  This all goes without saying, right? Not exactly. These are the central observational axioms of the modern Republican Party, and they are not modern at all, or even especially accurate.  They are at best anachronistic, and at worst gross […]

AlietaCare: the Obamacare Alternative Conservatives Have Been Waiting For

You likely have not heard of Dr. Alieta Eck.  Don’t feel bad.  She’s not the kind to seek the spotlight.  Dr. Eck is a gentle soul, soft spoken, humble, and unassuming.  She also has a great heart for charity, and this was undoubtedly the impetus behind her choice to study medicine in the first place, […]

Liberals Have Us On The Wrong Track With High-Speed Rail

Joblessness is near ten percent, the national debt is approaching one hundred percent of our entire gross domestic product, and more and more states and municipalities are facing insolvency.  But those troubles are apparently too difficult for our government to solve, so our President has instead chosen to tackle the non-problem of our trains travelling […]