Merrick Garland Should Not Be Involved in the Investigation of President Trump

The Attorney General is a member of the President’s Cabinet, and in that role, he is the principal advisor to the President on all legal matters. He is not just a member of the Administration, he is the President’s own attorney for all things government. His actions are, by constitutional authority and definition, those of the President. So when Attorney General Garland acknowledged that he personally authorized the warrant against President Trump, he was admitting that the Biden Administration ordered the raid of a political rival.

That should never happen in this country.

The United States, for all of its faults, is not a banana republic. Losing an election should never place one at risk of the victor’s political and legal power. Whether or not there was good reason to approve the warrant to raid President Trump’s home, it should not have been done by the Biden Administration, but rather a special prosecutor approved by Congress (considering that the Democrats control both houses of Congress, that should not have been difficult for the President to achieve), or a specially appointed congressional subcommittee, or failing that, appointed by the Supreme Court, in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety, if not actual political prejudice.

Debunking the Lies about Trump’s Social Security Plan

The latest scare tactic of the left is to tell seniors that Trump’s Social Security plan will bankrupt the program in just a few short years. This is false. And I don’t mean it’s an economic fallacy, that different economists can analyze differently and disagree on. I mean it’s just a lie which results from people taking his words out of context, and then ignoring the important parts, because there’s an election and the left wants to scare seniors. It is true that if you were to eliminate payroll taxes that Social Security would go bankrupt within a few years, but ONLY IF YOU DIDN’T PAY FOR IT SOME OTHER WAY! Trump’s plan is not simply to eliminate Social Security taxes, but to replace funding for Social Security directly from the government’s general fund. And if anything, this would be much more progressive. The 12% payroll tax that presently funds Social Security is regressive, imposed as it is on all income up to $137,000, regardless of your tax bracket. By shifting the revenue source to the general funds, which are paid for disproportionately by higher earners, the tax burden of Social Security would be moved away from the poor and middle class, and onto the wealthy. But please everyone, don’t let facts get in the way of useful lies.

It’s About Time Someone Acknowledged the Border Crisis as a National Emergency!

After decades of neglect, political grandstanding, phony promises, and absolutely nothing happening to improve the crisis on the American-Mexican border, President Trump this week declared a national emergency in order to finally take meaningful steps to continue construction of the much-needed border wall. This action, of course, raises a number of important questions, not the […]

Trump’s Next Attorney General Should Be New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez

There’s an old proverb of questionable veracity that says that the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same as “opportunity.”  President Trump must have taken that to heart, because he is especially adept at creating such opportunities for himself, the latest of which results from the obviously coerced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who […]

It’s the President’s Job to Interpret the Birthright Citizenship Clause, and Trump’s Interpretation is Correct

President Trump made news this past week by declaring that his Administration would break from the longstanding interpretation (or rather, indifference) of previous administrations with respect to the requirements of the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship clause, arguing that the Constitution does not confer citizenship on children born on American soil to parents without permanent legal […]