Colleges Should Pay Their Fair Share for Student Loan Sharking

If there’s a more comprehensively corrupt industry than the education industry, it has not yet revealed itself.  That’s wise.  The education industry does not like competition.  At least la cosa nostra makes no pretensions about its nefarious operations.  But the education industry shrouds itself with a saintly aura of beneficence and public good, which obscures […]

Schools Combat “Toxic Grading” with Minimum Grade Policies for the Minimum Wage Generation

A teacher in Florida recently made national news — and more importantly, provided much needed exposure to an alarming trend — when she was fired for refusing to give a student a “50” on an assignment that he did not bother to hand in.  This policy is, unfortunately, part of a growing national movement, already […]

Free speech is not absolutely good, but it’s absolutely better than the alternative

The Internet is full these days of videos of college students at question-and-answer sessions engaging conservative guest speakers, who have the advantage of actually being adults, demanding the speakers answer questions about (or rather, answer for) privilege, or patriarchy, or whatever else is singularly to blame this week for all the world’s ills.   One […]

A Conservative Case for Tuition Equality for Children Brought Here Illegally

In recent months the issue of tuition equality has come to the forefront of the political debate in New Jersey.  In short, proponents seek to change the laws to allow children of immigrants who have come to this country illegally and reside in this state to attend public universities and colleges at in-state rates.  I […]