Schools Combat “Toxic Grading” with Minimum Grade Policies for the Minimum Wage Generation

A teacher in Florida recently made national news — and more importantly, provided much needed exposure to an alarming trend — when she was fired for refusing to give a student a “50” on an assignment that he did not bother to hand in.  This policy is, unfortunately, part of a growing national movement, already […]

Trump’s Next Attorney General Should Be New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez

There’s an old proverb of questionable veracity that says that the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same as “opportunity.”  President Trump must have taken that to heart, because he is especially adept at creating such opportunities for himself, the latest of which results from the obviously coerced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who […]

Republicans Are Alarmingly Unconcerned About the Loss of Governorships to the Blue Wave

Entering the week, Republicans had two-thirds of the nation’s governorships.  Now, they’re barely holding on to a simple majority.    If you knew nothing about this past election other than what was being put forth by the White House, Republican congressional leaders, and reliably conservative news and social media warriors / propagandists, you would think […]

It’s the President’s Job to Interpret the Birthright Citizenship Clause, and Trump’s Interpretation is Correct

President Trump made news this past week by declaring that his Administration would break from the longstanding interpretation (or rather, indifference) of previous administrations with respect to the requirements of the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship clause, arguing that the Constitution does not confer citizenship on children born on American soil to parents without permanent legal […]

NFL Players Are Protesting the Results of Liberal Policies. Conservatives Should Join Them.

With the NFL’s preseason underway, players taking a knee in protest of racial injustice is once again part of the national conversation, in no small part due to our president’s obsession with forever calling attention to it, and then demanding that we pay no attention to it. Brilliant. Perhaps instead of criticizing the players for […]

Government Can Solve the Savings Crisis with Small Matching Contributions to Retirement Accounts

A federal program that matches up to $500 in contributions to retirement accounts would cost one-thirteenth what Social Security does, provide triple the payout, turn every American into a millionaire, and solve our national savings crisis.  And we could still keep Social Security on top of that.    Perhaps the greatest crisis facing this country […]