Parrot that says “Tax the Rich” Surges to Lead in Democrat Primary!

Concord, New Hampshire — A wave of excitement has suddenly gripped what’s heretofore been a rather dejecting Democratic primary, as recent polls show a new candidate emerging from the pack.  Bringing a flourish of color to an otherwise noticeably monochromatic field, Polly The Partisan Parrot has taken a commanding lead on his opponents, according to […]

The Key Failure of Bail Reform that Everyone’s Missing

Bail reforms have been a failure because they neglected to factor in that fewer criminals incarcerated necessitates more police on the streets, more probation officers to monitor them, and more judges, prosecutors, and public defenders to dramatically accelerate trial dates and minimize the time between arrest and conviction, during which the accused remains free on the streets to cause more chaos.

Socialism and Christianity are Incompatible

The following is a transcript of the above-video. “I want to talk about why socialism is antithetical to Christianity. Every now and then I see this article reposted on Facebook called “Five Reasons Socialism is not Christian.” I’ll link to it underneath this. It’s by this woman named Julie Roys writing for, and she […]

Rational Theism: Why Logic Compels Belief in God

Something cannot come from nothing, and yet, it did. This is, by definition, supernatural. And since it cannot have happened randomly, and cannot have happened accidentally, the creation of this universe must have been done intentionally, by something outside of this universe that also possessed the power and knowledge to bring this one into existence. founder interviewed on The Advocates

“what you find if you listen to people like that is that you don’t have to apologize for conservatism. There are certainly some things that you can’t be entirely doctrinaire about, and you can’t you can’t be thoughtless about it and you have to realize that other people have perspectives too. And there’s probably something to what they’re saying. But you don’t have to apologize for believing that everybody should have opportunities in this world. You don’t have to apologize for believing that socialism is wrong and that it hurts the very people it purports to be able to help that. If you’re a conservative, you don’t have to say, ‘Oh, I’m a conservative, but I, but I don’t hate the poor.’ You can say ‘I’m a conservative because I love the poor, because I love African-Americans, because I care about gay Americans and immigrant Americans. And that’s why I don’t want to see them hurt by what the left is doing, which has failed everywhere it’s been tried.'”

A Corporate Wealth Tax Would Be A Disastrously Regressive Tax

A few weeks ago, a couple of professors from Rutgers University, published an editorial in New Jersey’s leading newspaper, the Star Ledger, in which they called for a corporate wealth tax; i.e., not a corporate income tax (which they undoubtedly would not repeal), but a tax on the actual increase in a company’s value. With […]