Who Should Biden Pick as His Vice President?

Biden’s basically committed to picking a woman of color to be his Vice Presidential nominee, and that leaves three primary choices: Susan Rice, who’s basically the Left’s version of Condolezza Rice: too wonky, uninspiring, and policy-oriented instead of people-oriented, and has no political base; Stacy Abrams, who’s totally unqualified and will turn off far more voters than she brings in; and Kamala Harris, who has a solid background, a life story that is culturally consonant with African-Americans, and has experience on the biggest stage.

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Hey guys, Jordan here. Happy Saturday. I hope you had a great week. I just want to talk to you really quickly about what I think Joe Biden should do in terms of selecting a vice presidential nominee. This does not necessarily mean I think this is what he’s going to do, just rather what he should do. And you have basically three candidates because he’s made it pretty clear now that he’s going to pick a woman of color. I think this whole situation with all the cultural unrest has kind of forced his hand as far as that goes and really pushed Elizabeth Warren out the door. And no nobody’s gonna mistake her for a person of color. But he’s got three candidates that have basically emerged that he’s going to choose from. One is Susan Rice. One is Stacey Abrams, and one is Kamala Harris. And I, I’m going to give you my opinion of all three real quick and why I think he’s going to choose Harris, or why he should choose Harris, I should say.

First of all, Susan Rice is extremely intelligent. She was, I believe national security advisor, but the problem with her is she comes across kind of like the Democrats’ version of Condoleezza Rice, sort of, you know, very limited name recognition outside of the political class. She’s kind of quiet and meek and soft-spoken, and sort of overeducated, in the sense that she’s more policy-oriented than people-oriented. She doesn’t really have a political base or anything like that. She’s ascended by merit, but not by winning elections, which not only means she doesn’t have a base, but also means she hasn’t had to relate to people on that level. And she comes from an ultra-elite background. Her parents were both university scholars and she attended private schools her whole life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really know that a story like that really resonates with black voters. I don’t know that she’s, let’s say culturally consonant with them. Like I said, you know, Condoleeza Rice is extremely smart herself and a brilliant person, but she has like zero relatability. And I think that’s part of what Biden needs to look for in a vice president.

Then you have Stacey Abrams, and this is sort of the other end of the spectrum. Biden picking Stacey Abrams would be like the left’s version of the McCain-Palin ticket: this over the hill white senator who had failed in previous presidential runs, throwing a Hail Mary to someone who’s very green, has absolutely no experience on the national level and is frankly just not qualified, all in order just to appease his base. And, you know, I’m sure Sarah Palin’s a nice person and everything, but if she wants to be vice president, she really should have completed at least one full term in Congress or the Senate or something, or, had more experience as governor, before just hopscotching from governor of Alaska, which is a very small state in terms of population by the way, to the vice presidency.

And here you have Stacy [Abrams] who didn’t even become governor of Georgia. She lost the election, and now she wants to kind of catapult herself upward. To be fair, I don’t know that any one in the Biden campaign is actually considering her. She’s kind of one of these people, I think, who tries to get herself consideration by saying “I’m not under consideration,” or something like that. You see this when there are coaching vacancies in the NBA or NFL. And all of a sudden, you know, some coach who got fired from his college job starts spreading rumors saying, “well, no, we haven’t been contacted by them,” and therefore, you know, people start asking questions about whether he’s really in the mix or not. I think that’s part of the Stacey Abrams phenomenon.

The thing is I don’t even think she would help carry her own state of Georgia. Again, she lost that election. So I don’t know that that really helps. And secondly, she just so unhinged and so radical. And frankly, she’s so unqualified for the presidency that all of a sudden you begin to risk losing other states if you’re Biden. A bunch of states that you’re trying to take from Trump, all of a sudden become much harder to take. And a few swing States that Trump might try to target all of a sudden become more in play than they should. So I don’t think you can have someone like a Stacey Abrams as your running mate, because as Biden said, the single most important qualification of a vice president is to step in at a moment’s notice to be president. And there’s just no way you can convince anybody that Stacey Abrams is that person. And she’s certainly not the person to bring the country together.

And that leaves Kamala Harris, who I think is actually a pretty solid candidate. She has good name recognition. And you know, more than that by consistently being at least a credible presidential candidate participating in all of those debates so often, people can at least see her as a vice president. Right? You can visualize it. Now, yeah. she comes from an elite background, too. Her parents were extremely successful, but you know, she also went to Howard and her life story just comes across as more culturally consonant with the African-American experience than Rice. Especially even though she was a prosecutor, you know, it’s a public service job. You’re on the ground floor. You’re dealing with people on a personal level. You’re a figure in the community. I think that really acquits her very well. I mean, would she have been better as a public defender? Yeah, maybe, but this is actually, I think it’s actually a nice balance for her because she can kind of relate, I think more to the African-American voter while at the same time she can kind of straddle the middle and say, look, I’m not one of these Antifa radicals who thinks we should be dismantling police forces or things like that. It really allows her to kind to kind of play moderate while still pulling in I think the base.

So, I think Kamala Harris would be a solid pick. Who Biden actually winds up choosing, I don’t know. Of course, I don’t know. But I think Harris is the best of the three and I don’t really think it’s that close. If you want to say that Susan Rice is the safest of the three insofar as she doesn’t really offend anybody, that’s fine. But she also doesn’t do anything either. And I think Biden needs to be a little bit more aggressive with his pick. I think Harris is solid and certainly as a Republican, I would be much more afraid of a Biden-Harris ticket than a Biden-Susan Rice ticket. That’s just me. Hope you guys are doing well. I’ll keep you all my prayers. Thank you so much for supporting the page. God bless you all and have a great weekend. All right. Take care of yourselves.

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