Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled

When the Left eats their own, punishing other liberals for the sin of exercising free speech — such as the recent forced resignations of the editor of the opinion pages of the New York Times, or the Philadelphia Inquirer — it’s hard not to experience some sort of satisfaction that the monster they created has turned on them. Resist this temptation. We conservatives must always support free speech and condemn the repression of speech wherever it is found. Our free society is predicated on the free exchange of ideas, and if it is threatened anywhere it is threatened everywhere.

POLL: Over 99.5% of Conservatives Report Having Not Watched the Oscars

A recent poll of over 800 self-identified conservatives conducted on the Facebook page asked simply “Did you watch the Oscars?” Only 4 people, out of 820, responded “Yes,” which is less than one half of one percent. One reader seemed to summarize the general mood of the others, saying “Why waste my time watching […]

Socialism and Christianity are Incompatible

The following is a transcript of the above-video. “I want to talk about why socialism is antithetical to Christianity. Every now and then I see this article reposted on Facebook called “Five Reasons Socialism is not Christian.” I’ll link to it underneath this. It’s by this woman named Julie Roys writing for, and she […]

Bernie and AOC Want to Turn Your Credit Cards into Their Welfare Program, and the Post Office into a Welfare Office!

The Loan Shark Prevention Act would socialize credit markets, and force the Post Office to cash bad checks. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you find yourself agreeing with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on any matter of economics, you should probably rethink your position, wonder where you went wrong, and withdraw from commenting […]

Conquering the Political Divide: How the Constitution Can Heal Our Polarized Nation

Jordan Rickards:              00:02                   All right. Welcome to’s video podcast. Today’s guest is a friend of ours, actually a former congressional candidate and author Eric Beck. He’s written a new book, “Conquering the Political Divide: How the Constitution Can Heal Our Polarized Nation.” You can see, let me see if I can make this a […]