POLL: Over 99.5% of Conservatives Report Having Not Watched the Oscars

A recent poll of over 800 self-identified conservatives conducted on the ConservativeOpinion.com Facebook page asked simply “Did you watch the Oscars?” Only 4 people, out of 820, responded “Yes,” which is less than one half of one percent.

One reader seemed to summarize the general mood of the others, saying “Why waste my time watching bunch of self-important, hypocritical, overpaid puppets pat themselves on the back while trashing America and the president?” Others wrote:

  • “I did something far less painful: I starved myself and walked at an uncomfortable pace for seven miles for no particular reason.”
  • “You couldn’t pay me to watch that! Bunch of self-absorbed egomaniacs stroking themselves all night? Hell, no.”
  • “Why watch, it’s all fake people saying fake things from their fantasy world.”
  • “I’d rather watch paint dry.”

This is obviously not a scientific poll, but it’s not an insignificant one either. Our Facebook page has approximately 40,000 followers who are almost uniformly conservative, or they would not be fans of the page. So while polls like this are not designed to provide absolute precision, they do take a good temperature, such that when 816 out of 820 respondents say they didn’t watch the Oscars, it reliably demonstrates not only a cultural divide, but cultural battle lines. Conservatives do not feel represented in Hollywood, and worse, we feel like Hollywood hates us and our values. Strange, that the same liberals who supposedly pride themselves on creating inclusive environments have effectively made half of the population feel unwelcome, and indeed, unwanted, in their own country.

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