Take Down the Confederate Statues, For Goodness Sake!

It’s one thing to debate the proper place of men who did great things and incidentally owned slaves, like Washington, Jefferson, and Columbus, or who, post-slavery, still harbored racist feelings of white supremacy that remained prevalent, especially among the “enlightened” class, such as Woodrow Wilson, all of whom arguably get more of a pass than they should. But Lee and the Confederates are honored specifically for fighting in defense of the institutions of slavery and white supremacy.

NFL Players Are Protesting the Results of Liberal Policies. Conservatives Should Join Them.

Maybe instead of forever criticizing these players, it would be better to acknowledge racial injustices in this country and point out that they are caused by bad liberal policies. With the NFL’s preseason underway, players taking a knee in protest of racial injustice is once again part of the national conversation, in no small part […]