What Michael Bloomberg Should’ve Said at the Debate

The following is a transcript of the video above:

All right. By now we’ve all seen or heard about this total disaster this last debate was for Michael Bloomberg and you can see why he didn’t want to participate in these things in the first place. What was most remarkable to me was how terribly unprepared he was to address the most predictable attacks. And I don’t even mean about all the insensitive things he said in the past because nobody really cares about that unless you’re a Republican. And besides, money washes away all sins in politics except the sin of having money itself, which Bloomberg is obviously guilty of. And it was just amazing to me to see, not just that Bloomberg couldn’t defend his wealth, but that he seemed surprised to be criticized for it by opponents who make a career doing exactly that. Now, I don’t especially like giving advice to Democrats, but I also don’t like seeing success vilified.

So here’s some free advice to Michael Bloomberg. Here’s what he should’ve said and what he needs to say next time. Ready?

“I’m not going to apologize for being a billionaire. First of all, ask anyone if they want to be a billionaire. And they’d say, yes, and that’s true for all of you. Secondly, my success, and that’s what it is, created hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth. I’ve done more by myself to help the economy than all of you on this stage put together and multiplied by a thousand. I’ve created this many thousands of jobs. I’ve paid this many billions of dollars in salaries. Thanks to me. Those people could afford homes and to feed their families. They all had their healthcare paid for. They in turn were able to engage in billions of dollars of economic activity, so millions of other people could have homes and feed their families as well. I’ve also given billions of dollars away to charity, including educational institutions and I’ve paid billions of dollars in taxes, which by the way, was the least productive use of my money of all.

As far as my personal wealth, I’ve invested in the stock market, which raises the value for everyone else and helps them retire and which has allowed other businesses to raise the capital they need to hire people and grow the economy. I’ve invested it in banks, which helps other people get loans so they can buy homes and cars and go to college and have credit cards. I am the greatest antipoverty program on this stage. I am the greatest jobs program on this stage and this idea that you can somehow solve poverty without entrepreneurs and others creating wealth and that worse that we are, the reason other people are poor and we should apologize for it, is exactly the sort of nonsense that wins elections and bankrupts countries in Latin America and everywhere else this socialist BS has been tried and where poverty is universal.”

That’s the speech he needs to give because he can’t hide from who he is, so he might as well embrace it and tell the truth about capitalism to all these college socialists. Thanks for watching.

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