Merrick Garland Should Not Be Involved in the Investigation of President Trump

The Attorney General is a member of the President’s Cabinet, and in that role, he is the principal advisor to the President on all legal matters. He is not just a member of the Administration, he is the President’s own attorney for all things government. His actions are, by constitutional authority and definition, those of the President. So when Attorney General Garland acknowledged that he personally authorized the warrant against President Trump, he was admitting that the Biden Administration ordered the raid of a political rival.

That should never happen in this country.

The United States, for all of its faults, is not a banana republic. Losing an election should never place one at risk of the victor’s political and legal power. Whether or not there was good reason to approve the warrant to raid President Trump’s home, it should not have been done by the Biden Administration, but rather a special prosecutor approved by Congress (considering that the Democrats control both houses of Congress, that should not have been difficult for the President to achieve), or a specially appointed congressional subcommittee, or failing that, appointed by the Supreme Court, in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety, if not actual political prejudice.