Parrot that says “Tax the Rich” Surges to Lead in Democrat Primary!

Concord, New Hampshire — A wave of excitement has suddenly gripped what’s heretofore been a rather dejecting Democratic primary, as recent polls show a new candidate emerging from the pack.  Bringing a flourish of color to an otherwise noticeably monochromatic field, Polly The Partisan Parrot has taken a commanding lead on his opponents, according to […]

New Study Reveals That WNBA Players Earn Less Than NBA Players!

(This is called “satire.” Please do not contact us to complain it is “fake news.”) Princeton, NJ:  The NBA says it’s committed to progressive values, but apparently equal pay for equal work isn’t one of them. Economists at the Institute for Advanced Study have today released their much anticipated, groundbreaking report on wage inequality in […]

Report: Baby found living INSIDE of a woman!

London, England:  Some scientists are calling it “the most significant scientific discovery of the week.”  Others are more skeptical.   Felicia Mulberry, 26, of Sussex, was unassumingly making her way through Heathrow Airport with her husband, lorry driver Niles, when airport security agents noticed something suspicious.   “She was clearly concealing a large round object […]