Things Could Get Much Worse, and They Don’t Have to Get Better

If you think things are bad now with a bunch of extremists believing a lie about an election being stolen, just wait until they figure out the truth. That lie is itself the product of another lie, which is that red / traditional America is the majority. That’s why so many are able to convince themselves that the election (and that in Georgia) was illegitimate. Once that group figures out the truth, that they’re actually in the minority and the country looks nothing like them anymore, and once the Democrats tip the scales and pad their numbers even further by legalizing millions of illegal alien voters and felons, and strategically packing the electorate more with open borders and non-merit-based immigration, such that the red / traditional America can no longer compete at the ballot box, then you’re going to see some real fireworks. This will not be good.

The truth is that red/ traditional America has been playing with house money for some time now. My half has relied for a while on Democrats not turning out at capacity. That’s why our numbers always look better in “likely voter” polls as opposed to “registered voters,” and better in “registered” than “all Americans” polls. Once everyone started getting ballots in the mail, it added a lot of lazier people to the vote count who normally wouldn’t be there (plus there was this minor issue about the most hated man in the world running for re-election, which may have motivated one or two new voters), and Republicans were taken by surprise at the size of their opponent, which we still refuse to accept. We’ll have to, eventually. And if the gap becomes insurmountable nationally — as it already has regionally and in the cities — if democracy stops working for that very large segment of the country, don’t expect it to be very highly valued. Don’t expect them to care about “our democracy,” and “our country” and “our institutions” when they’re not part of the “our.” Democracy is predicated on shared government, which itself is predicated on shared values. Once one side no longer has a share, it stops being something to value and starts being something to detest and resist. Democracy isn’t just about majority rule, it’s about government by consent of the governed. And nobody likes being governed by the other side, especially when the side in charge wants to control more rather than less, and take rather than give.

It’s bad enough to have two Americas that are basically in equipoise, but when one side gets much larger than the other, and the other self-identifies as what the country always was, such that they see the larger group as having stolen the country from them (to say nothing of their standard and way of living), then you create a situation like the UK and Ireland, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Serbia, or Yugoslavia and Croatia. I hope that the horrifying incident at the Capitol was the low water mark for this ugly period in our nation’s history, but I’m not optimistic, because I don’t think there’s a widespread understanding of what’s really happening, which means it’s very possible, if not likely to get worse. And there’s no rule that it has to get better. If you think Trump leaving will solve the problem, then you don’t understand the problem. He exploited the problem and brought it to a boil, but the problem isn’t going to be voted or impeached away.

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