New Jersey Democrats Seek to Disenfranchise Countless Black and Women Voters

Not since Jim Crow have Democrats so flagrantly tried to deny African-Americans a meaningful right to vote.  Not since the women’s suffrage movement has a woman’s right to choose at the ballot box been so violently attacked. 

Henry Ford once told reporters that the American people would be able to buy his Model T in any color they want, “as long as it’s black.”  In a similar vein, New Jersey Democrats are now telling their citizens “you can vote for whoever you want, as long as it’s who we choose.” And if you choose wrong, your vote gets erased. 

At least that’s the intention of the bill the New Jersey Senate Democrats advanced this past week to remove a meaningful right to vote from millions of its citizens, including countless minorities and women.  This law, simply called “NJ S119,” would accomplish this by preventing the state’s Electoral College votes from being awarded to a winning presidential candidate, if that candidate does not released his tax returns.  On the surface, this ploy is an obvious attempt to nullify any votes cast for President Trump, as he continues to lawfully assert his right to privacy over his tax returns.

This is a flagrant act of disenfranchisement, and an unprecedented rollback of the civil rights of countless Americans.  The right to vote is meaningless without the right to choose for whom to vote, and to know that win or lose, at least your vote counted.

Civil rights leaders fought, and faced fire hoses, and some even died, for the idea of “one person, one vote.” But today’s Democrats, in the spirit of their predecessors, are comfortable with erasing potentially millions of votes, including those of thousands of minorities and women.  In so doing, they are spitting on the graves of our great civil rights leaders, and rolling back the civil rights movement by decades, if not longer.

Telling millions of American citizens that their vote will be nullified if they do not vote for the right person, is akin to the perfidy typically reserved for Middle Eastern thugocracies, where dictators win every phony election with 100% of the vote, because nobody with any sense of self-preservation would dare run or vote against them.  It’s the sort of thing that would make Vladimir Putin proud, and which would normally provoke international scorn if it were proposed in any other country. 

But the New Jersey Democrats’ ploy is even more nefarious than that.  It is unlikely that President Trump would ever win New Jersey — no Republican presidential candidate has carried New Jersey in over thirty years, and the state has only trended bluer since then — so this unconstitutional treachery would likely have no impact on the presidential election.  The real plan, however, is that by effectively removing Trump from the ballot, Democrats hope to keep Republican voters at home so they do not turn out to support the rest of the Republican candidates on the ballot who have nothing to do with President Trump or his tax returns.

This is what rigging an election looks like!  This is what voter suppression looks like! 

To be clear, the same Democrats who complain about the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election (because the Russians exposed the truth about Hillary Clinton), now seek to openly hijack the 2020 election, at every level in New Jersey.  The same Democrats who complain that the Electoral College is inherently anti-democratic, now want to weaponize it in order to subvert democracy.  The same Democrats who say that Trump is the greatest existential threat to our democracy, have now decided that millions of law-abiding citizens should not be allowed to participate in that democracy.  The same Democrats who say that voter identification laws are somehow a method of voter suppression, are here actively trying to erase votes and suppress voter turnout!

This is so typical.  Democrats pretend to believe in democracy, but are forever at war with it.  They favor government not by elected officials, but by bureaucrats and judges who dictate laws.  They favor global institutions staffed with unelected elites, over national governments accountable to their own people.  They favor lawmaking at the federal level, where each individual vote counts comparatively little, over local rule, where individual votes are actively sought after because they count for more.

And now, because we little people cannot be trusted with our constitutional right to vote, even that must be attacked as well. 

Never mind the obvious hypocrisy of this law being legislated in New Jersey, whose Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, hid his own tax returns while running for election until, under pressure, he finally released two pages of them shortly before Election Day, and gave reporters only four hours to review the remainder of the returns in his office, during which they learned that his investment portfolio allowed him to “earn several million dollars without a day’s work.”

Imagine if Republicans had forced President Obama off the ballot until he released his school records, or placed any other condition on him that had never before been placed on any other candidate for the presidency.  We would never hear the end of the racism allegations, and perhaps rightly so.  But now, Democrats, who pretend to champion minorities and women, seek to take a meaningful right to vote away from countless African-Americans, countless Hispanics, countless women, and they do so proudly!

The essence of our democracy is that each individual voter gets to decide for herself whether a candidate has earned her vote.  The government’s job is simply to count the votes, not choose which votes count.  When our Democrat “leaders” stop doing the former and start doing the latter, the message they’re sending is that the people can’t be trusted.  But the lesson to be learned is that the people cannot trust them. 

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