Millennial Minute with Katie Cericola Episode 3: The 3D Gun Debate

By Katie Cericola: “The left is always looking for something new to be scared about. Recently, the cause is 3D guns made out of the same material as Legos, and most can only fire a single shot. The liberals have decided these will be weapons of mass chaos. Common criminals won’t simple purchase assault rifles off the street, the liberals claimed last week. But now, they’ll purchase 3D printers and the materials associated to print guns. However, what’s really frightening about the 3D gun to be is not the merits of the 3D guns, but the way in which the left attempts to stop them. Rally support to pass a law? Nope. Organize a campaign to elect officials who will? Nope. Attempting to get the courts to make law? Yep. This is an extremely dangerous precedent. People ask why the Supreme Court is the most important issue to many voters. News flash, this is it. The left continually attempts to use the courts as their own personal unelected legislature.

If the left wants to stop big, scary, 3D guns, they should do it the old fashioned way, pass a law. Using the court as a law making vehicle violates every separation of powers principle this republic was founded on.”

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