Millennial Minute Episode 1: The Janus Decision

By Katie Cericola

Liberals overreact. Recently, many liberals are proclaiming the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus to end mandatory public union dues as “the death knell to public unions”. It is the end to something. It is the end of public employee unions which do not represent public employees.

Until now, union dues were required, leaving unions free to do whatever they wanted without worrying about being responsive to their members.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that in the 28 states which do not require union dues, public employee unions still exist.

What does not exist? Unions which squander excessive funds on bloated salaries and excessive political spending.

The reason is simple. The unions must represent the rank and file or the rank and file does not pay to belong. So do not mourn the death of the public employee union, instead, celebrate the public employee who will now get a union which will be responsive to their needs.

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